Founded in 2008 Turnaround Consulting Services (TCS) started as a turnaround project consulting firm.  In 2011 TCS reorganized and became an employer so we could provide full turnaround services to our clients. Over the past 8 years since becoming an employer, TCS has worked more than a million man-hours helping our clients become industry leaders in project planning and execution. From planning and executing yearly turnarounds and maintenance projects, to planning and executing a $1.4 billion re-commissioning project.


Our Vision is to provide the top talent in our industry to maximize reliability and safety for our clients.

Core Values

Success: Success is Measured in the Value we Create for our Customers.
Quality: We Have a Healthy Dissatisfaction with Mediocrity.
Innovation: We Foster Innovation by Open Communication; Listening to all Ideas and Viewpoints.
Excellence: We Create a Culture of Excellence Built on Providing each Client with Safe, Reliable and on Schedule Solutions.
Talent: We Attract, Recruit and Train the Finest People in the Industry.
Accountability: We Hold Ourselves Accountable to Meet Business Needs, Improve our Systems and Help Others Improve their Effectiveness.


Our company is built on leadership. Our team strives to be leaders in the industry through our processes and tools. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our processes and tools to help our clients' projects run more smoothly.


We work systematically to integrate our core values in our business and make our expertise available for the benefit and success of your project and business.

Tools & Processes

We have over 130+ specialized employees working simultaneously, that help improve our processes and the tools we use to help your company succeed in your projects planning and execution processes.