Information Access for the 21st Century


TCS, Thomas Consulting Services, is an an independent consulting company that provides information access solutions. We specialize in finding the best way to make information work, without making more work for you.


TCS partnered with CollegeNET to develop a vCalendar interface for student information systems. The TCS vCalendar interface distributed by CollegeNET links student information system class schedules to CollegeNET's leading scheduling product, R25. The latest version, 3.4, a WebServices-enabled interface, works with R25 WebServices to update events, spaces and instructors.

What's new for the Series25-SIS Interface?

TCS partnered with EM, Ltd. to develop a fully integrated race and membership management solution called RaceTraX/EntryPoint. EntryPoint is a web-based data management site that allows members to sign up, enter races, post and view bios and photos. It includes track information and race results and point standings. RaceTraX is a race-day program that includes post-entries, builds the raceday schedule and prints race lineups. RaceTraX connects to EntryPoint to download pre-entries, post race results and update point standings.

See a demo of the RaceTraX/EntryPoint site: